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$0.00 Down Chapter 13

We never require any payment prior to filing anyone's first Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.

Chapter 7 Payment Plans

We offer the original Flat Fee E-Z Payment Plan™ with maximum flexibility and we allow clients to pay for their Chapter 7 Bankruptcies over a longer period than most firms with no hidden fees and no gimmicks.

Free Consultations

We always offer free, no-obligation consultations in our offices, via phone or Skype, or we can even come to you if necessary.


Let's be honest. You'd rather not be visiting bankruptcy websites. Maybe you or someone dear to you is burdened with debts that you sincerely wish you could pay. You'd rather not be here, at all.

I understand.

As a bankruptcy attorney in Michigan, I have helped enough people struggling with debt to know that financial hardships can be stressful and seemingly hopeless.

You are not alone.

Please believe me when I say you've come to the right place. I don't know how you ended up here and it doesn't really matter. Where you go from here is what matters. I'm not here to judge you, but to give you the tools and resources you need to control your finances and help you become financially stable.

I'm not going to make you a lot of big promises of any future riches and I'm certainly not here to sell any "shortcuts" to prosperity. I'm a Michigan bankruptcy attorney. My job is to help you eliminate the burdensome debts that are holding you back so that you can achieve at least some degree of financial stability. What you go on to do afterward, of course, is entirely up to you. I hope that you'll do great things for yourself and the world, but that's honestly beyond the scope of what I can provide for you. I merely facilitate the fresh start you need. That is a task I don't take lightly, however. Rather, it is one that I continually aspire to perform with the utmost care and compassion.

So, please take your time and wander around this website, which I sincerely hope will provide all the information you need. When you are ready to begin your Fresh Start, I would consider it an honor and a privilege to help you. May we share in the hope of A Better Future!